Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Molly Ryan

On March 30th, my precious niece Molly Ryan Goforth was born! I had to wait a couple of weeks to see her, but was so glad to head down south to meet my precious niece and see everyone else. My sister lives in Asheville, NC, so I flew down to Atlanta and spent the night with my parents, and then my mom and I drove up to Asheville. It was so great to spend time with family, play with my 4 year old nieces, and hold precious Molly Ryan. I loved every minute of being there and miss her so much already! One of my favorite moments of the trip was when I took Abby and Caroline to Sam's Club. We got into the car and a Taylor Swift song was on the radio and those sweet girls belted out every word!!! It was cute and fun to hear them sing! They are getting so smart and growing up so much! What a joy they are to be around! Enjoy the pictures!

My beautiful mama holding sweet Molly Ryan.

My three beautiful nieces and me!

Abby and Caroline showing me how they swing by themselves!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lion King and more visitors

At the end of February, Matt took me to see the Lion King broadway play at the Boston Opera House. We saw Dirty Dancing there last February! He got me the tickets for my birthday and the show was absolutely amazing!!! The most incredible part (a surprise to both of us) was that our seats were on the front row!!! If anyone has a chance to see this play, you will not regret going!!! Then in March, we had a last minute visit from my good friend Anna. We went to college together, but I moved to Boston and she moved to Denver so we hadn't seen eachother since my wedding day almost 2 years ago! It was so great to catch up with her. We had a wonderful time. We toured the city, went on a Sam Adams Brewery Tour and ate some delicious food! Unfortunately I only took picture from her visit. Then Easter weekend, Matt's good friend John and his wife Ali came to visit! We last saw them at their wedding in October in San Diego. And on top of that, they are expecting their first daughter! It was so fun to spend time with them! We of course toured them around the city, and then we took a trip north up to Portland, ME. We made a few stops on the way. The funniest thing that happened from that trip is that there was a topless march in Portland! Apparently it is not illegal for women to go topless in Maine and every now and again some really unattractive women like to flaunt this fact. I read that they call it "equal opportunity toplessness" and say that it should draw no more attention than a man with his shirt off. I'll tell you what, everyone that I saw was trying their best NOT to notice. We only had the misfortune of accidentally eyeing one of these "marchers". Gross and don't worry there are no pictures of that!!! As you can see from the last picture, spring was in full bloom for Easter!


In February, we took a big trip to the west! It was my first time ever going to Colorado! We went with our friends, Josh and Jenny to ski at Copper Mountain. We had a really good time. The first day, the snow was pretty icy, but then we got dumped on for the next few days so I really got to experience my first real powdery skiing! It was great, and the best part was that it didn't hurt when you fell! We always have so much fun with Josh and Jenny and were so thankful that they wanted to come on this trip with us! One day my friends from college, Curt and Jerica, came to ski with us for a few hours It was fun to see them. Curt helped me down a black diamond that he took me on accidentally. I still can't believe I survived that! One day, Matt and I drove over to Aspen for lunch. It was neat to see another little ski village. It was very picturesque with all the mountains. The last pictures are from the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver. Matt and I had some time to kill after dropping Josh and Jenny off at the airport, so we went to check it out. We would love to see a concert there some day!

Skiing, Simpsons, and Skiing

We had a busy January! At the beginning of the month, Matt's brother Jonathan came for a weekend. We took him skiing up in New Hampshire. As you can see from the first pictures that the mountains were beautiful! It hadn't snowed a whole lot, so it was still a little icy, but we had a great time! Then MLK Jr. weekend, Matt's good friend Brian and his lovely wife Lauren came to town! It was so fun as usual showing them around the city! We actually had a semi warm weekend for the month of January so that was nice and unexpected! And then at the end of the month, we went up to our landlord's mountain house again and went skiing at Mount Washington. It was absolutely beautiful, but really freezing out!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Christmas and New Years 2009

This year we spent Christmas with my family at my sister's house in Asheville, NC. We had a blast!!! What fun to see the Christmas morning "magic" through the eyes of 2 four year olds! We went to church Christmas Eve and it was adorable hearing my nieces singing along to the hymns. And then we just enjoyed eachother's company and wrapped "Santa" presents for my nieces. On Christmas day we drove back down to Atlanta and spent the weekend with my family. Then for the week before New Years, we drove up to St. Louis to hang out with Matt's family. We also had a great time there and are so thankful that everyone was in town! Here are a few pictures from our holiday adventures!

I caught Caroline with her mouth full!

Abby digging in to some yummy ribs that my dad cooked!

Matt and his two big brothers.

We actually spent New Years Eve with our good friends Josh and Jenny.

Thanksgiving 2009

Our good friend's Chris and Bonnie came to spend Thanksgiving with us this year! We were so glad to have them up to Boston. We toured around the city and had a great time! We spent Thanksgiving Day at our pastor's house, who also knew Chris and Bonnie in Georgia. And then we went for a walk after dinner and got a tour of where Jonathan and Jordan Knight from NKOTB grew up. I unfortunately did not bring my camera, but it is a very cool house in the neighborhood that we live in. It is now owned by the Salvation Army.