Monday, October 27, 2008

We have Arrived!

Welcome to my new blog! I have set this up to keep people informed on our adventures in Boston, MA. We loaded up the truck 8 days ago, and left Atlanta a week ago today. It still seems very surreal. We had a great trip up here sitting in a 16' moving truck, towing my Pathfinder behind! We visited the Rives in Raleigh, NC and it was such a blessing to spend time with them and their three sweet daughters!! Then on Tuesday we drove up to Philadelphia and stayed with Freys! They live on an awesome farm west of Philly in a town called Bluebell. The Currie's came over and so did our friend Carson. It was so wonderful to hang out with them and just be with friends. Then we arrived in Boston on Wednesday at about 3:30pm. A pastor up here, Dan Rogers, met us at our apartment along with another guy and they helped us unload the truck, I don't know how we would have done it without them. We are so thankful for their gift of time and energy!!! On Thursday, Dan took us around the city and then his wife Michelle cooked us dinner and also invited a few other couples from their church. So on the second night we were there, we already felt connected to people! Friday and Saturday we really tried to get things cleaned up at the house, and we still have a little ways to go, but the kitchen is put together at least! Friday night we met my friend Abby and her husband Tim in the North End (which is Boston's italian district) for some awesome pizza and we stopped in at Mike's Pastries for Cannoli's and Lobster Tail (not an actual lobster tail, but a large crispy pastry with a filling of goodness). I hadn't seen Abby in 4 years so it was great to reconnect with her! I'm excited to be in the same city as her again! And then yesterday, we went for a drive down the Quincy shore (this is close to where we live, south of Boston) and it was absolutely beautiful. The trees are gorgeous and the water is so blue! There are sailboats everywhere too. It really feels that we are on vacation getting to look at the views that we see everyday. We also went to church last night and met some more really nice people. Matt started work today so I'm busy getting the house in order. I will try to load pictures sometime this afternoon.