Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Turkeys, Trees, and a Yankee Swap?

We had a great Thanksgiving! We went over to our pastor's house, where there were roughly 25 people gathered to eat wonderful food and enjoy eachother's company. Unfortunately, I left my camera in my purse and did not take a single picture! :(

The Monday after Thanksgiving, we went to Home Depot and purchased our first Christmas tree! Isn't it beautiful and HUGE?

Ha! I am just kidding, the above Christmas tree is in Boston Commons and apparently the tree comes straight from Canada. It is a very pretty centerpiece right in front of the State House, and not too far away is an ice skating rink! Below is our actual Christmas Tree, and it is even more beautiful, in my opinion!

This is a view from our apartment on our first snow of the year. Apparently, this is a very light snow of about 3 inches......where I come from this is HUGE!! I guess I need to gear up and get ready for a few feet of snow later on this winter!

Now onto the Yankee Swap. We had a Christmas Party with our small group at church. We meet over at our pastor's house (The Rogers). Anyway, what I am used to calling a White Elephant gift exchange is called a Yankee Swap here! Below is Michelle Rogers and their 7 year old son Levi. He won the Axe Hair products that Matt and I brought, and I styled his hair using the Spike putty.

This is Matt showing that he is now the proud owner of YAHTZEE, and Dan (our pastor) is showing off his book of tattoos that he won from his 10 year old son.

Friday, November 21, 2008


My parent's came to visit last week and we had so much fun! It was great to see them and to show them our life here and explore the city with them! Matt had to work, so he missed out on our day adventures, but we had great dinners and met him for lunch one day!!!

The pictures are in backwards order, sorry!

This is dad eating his lobster at Ye Ole Union Oyster House. It is the oldest restaurant still in operation in the entire U.S.!!!

Matt and I while waiting for our table.

Dad and I climbed to the top of the bunker hill monument (below) and this (above) is the view of the city from the top!

We went for a drive and came across Nut Island. It's a little park that is part of the Boston Harbor Islands.

We ate lunch at a restaurant right on the fish pier. After lunch a fish boat came in and we watched them unload some fish while seagulls were hoping for a little lunch themselves! It was amazing, the seagulls are able to open their beaks wide enough to swallow the fish whole!!

We had a great time with my parents and can't wait for more visitors!! We walked around the city and enjoyed eating seafood, italian, and even a homemade dinner!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Apartment

As several of you have asked, here are pictures of our apartment! It's small but surprisingly spacious! And we love visitors!!!!!

The Bedroom

The Kitchen

Living/Dining Room

The Bathroom

Our Awesome view!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2 weeks down

We've officially been here two weeks today! By the looks of the apartment, you might think we just got here an hour ago! (I'm kidding, it's come a long way, but still has a ways to go). So far we really like it here. The apartment is feeling like home, although the town and the city is still foreign and "vacation like". We have been to this church called Christ the King Dorchester the past 2 Sundays and even went to a community group last week and a service day on Saturday. We are really liking it and beginning to get to know some people! Last week, I took the afternoon to go over to a couple's house to help the wife with the kids. They have two young children, and Sarah (mom) just needed an extra hand to hold a sleeping baby! And I signed up for the job! It was a great time to spend with her and get to know her. We are already feeling connected to this community and forming what I hope to be lasting relationships.

This is the State House, also known as the state capitol. Paul Revere and his sons put the gold roof on top many many years ago! What history!!!!

Here we remember John Hancock.

And Paul Revere was buried here too! This cemetary is behind one of the oldest churches called Park Street. Benjamin Franklin grew up in this church.

This is the North End, home of many Italian restaurants and bakeries. It is all authentic as this is the Italian neighborhood of Boston.

The next 2 pictures are from a drive out to the coast from our apartment, these are all on Quincy Shore and Wollaston Beach

On Sunday, Matt and I got up early and decided to take a drive out to western Massachusetts and then up through New Hampshire and circle back around near the New Hampshire coast. It was beautiful!!!

This is the small diner we stopped at for breakfast.

Just a pretty scene in New Hampshire. There were beautiful lakes and rivers everywhere!

This is the State Capitol building of New Hampshire in Concord.

The last three pictures are the coast near Portsmouth, NH. It was so pretty and we hope to make the trip back up there when the weather is warmer and we can actually enjoy the water!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Road Trip North

This is Matt driving our HUGE Penske truck, pulling my car behind! He did a great job driving.

This is somewhere in North Carolina, as you can see the trees are just beginning to change colors.

Welcome to Virginia! This is state number four in 2 days!!

More trees, still early fall!

Welcome to Delaware! Another state down!

Welcome to Pennsylvania! We were so excited to hit this state because that meant we were very close to seeing our great friends Brian and Gail Frey, Chris and Bonnie Currie, and Carson Pittman!

Now it looks like the heart of fall! This is when the drive really got beautiful!!!

Welcome to New York!

We saw lots of rolling hills and miles of trees. It really was beautiful!

Welcome to Connecticut!

You can't see it real well but this is Welcome to Massachusetts sign. We are so close and so ready to be out of the truck!!

My first view of the city! Too bad it was a nasty day.

This is more of the city on our way to find our apartment. It was a great adventure and I hope you enjoyed the pictures! There will be more to come of places near where we live and inside the city, so stay tuned!