Wednesday, October 1, 2014


September was a bit of a whirlwind for us!  The biggest thing that happened was mid month, Matt and I went on a trip to San Francisco without the kids!  It was really our first time away except for a short business meeting when Hannah was about a year old.  The trip had two purposes, one to celebrate our 5th anniversary (a year late!) since Ethan was born just a few weeks before our real 5th anniversary.  And two, to visit Matt's sister Julie who moved out there last October.  We had a wonderful time!  We spent the first two days by ourselves in San Fran.  We walked a lot, rode trolley cars, and explored the city.  It was a very neat city that had "pockets" that reminded us of other cities we have spent time in.  Triple decker victorian homes reminded us of Boston, tall sky scrapers reminded us of NYC, but those hills and coast line were certainly unique to San Francisco.  We spent one morning at Alcatraz which was really cool.  It's pretty unbelievable that people actually lived there, and more amazing that there were staff houses and children that lived there while the prison was still functioning!  There were pieces of the island that were beautiful, but it really was the most primitive prison you could imagine.  The views of San Fran from the island were incredible.  We rode a tour bus around the city and saw the main sites, and then took little side trips to see the Painted Ladies (which are in the intro to Full House), Coit Tower, Fisherman's Wharf, ate tacos in the Mission, and just enjoyed the city!  Then the third day, Julie picked us up for breakfast and then drove us over the Golden Gate Bridge to some beautiful overlooks and then up to Muir Woods to see the Redwood trees.  We had a fun day hiking and looking at the majesty of these beautiful trees!  From there we headed to Sonoma for 2 full days of wineries!  We had so much fun and enjoyed seeing the process of wine making, wine storing, grape growing, and learning the different flavors you get from valley grapes vs hillside grapes.  It really is fascinating and TOO complicated for me to remember!!!  We ate delicious food and sipped on delicious wine.  While we had a blast, when Sunday came around we were SOOOO ready to see our babies!!!  We took the red eye that night and arrived at home Monday morning just as Hannah was waking up.  We are so incredibly thankful for my parents and the care they took of Hannah and Ethan while we were gone.  They discovered new parks, new restaurants, took a trip to Asheville, visiting the children's museum, and just had fun!  Hannah and Grandaddy even went on a hike in Latta Plantation.

The rest of September was spent recovering from our trip and just enjoying our time together!

Friday, September 5, 2014

15 Months

On September 5th, Ethan turned 16 months old!  He is such a joy.  He walks everywhere and has begun using a lot of words!!!  On the morning of his doctors appt, I counted the words he says, and counted over 30!!  It is super cute and he learns more every day!!!  He remains in the 95% for height and weight and is starting to wear size 2T clothes!!  He is about 33 inches tall and about 33 lbs.  He really is a happy little boy but at times as started to show a little bit of a temper.  He definitely knows what he wants and tries to get it!!!  He has also started to be very interested in everything Hannah is, and so quite often I'm having to referee toys!!!  Of course Hannah decides she wants anything Ethan has too, so sibling rivalry has begun!  They do really love each other though and I'm often catching glimpses of sweet times giving hugs, kisses, or Hannah "reading" to him.  She even tries to hold him still.

Monday, September 1, 2014


What a fun month August has been.  Ethan really took off walking, and has begun to say some words.  We've spent lots of time in the pool for swim lessons, and at parks enjoying the beautiful weather!  Mid August, we joined the Branen side of the family for some fun on the beach in St. Augustine, FL.  We had a wonderful time playing with cousins and getting to see extended family as well.  St. Augustine is beautiful!!  We got there a day before everyone else arrived, so we spent the first morning at the Alligator Farm and then went downtown for a little bit to show Hannah the "castle" (better known as Castillo De San Marcos).  The rest of the week was full of yummy seafood and LOTS of sand!!! Hannah was an awesome swimmer and we were lucky enough to have a very calm ocean for the week.   We had lots of fun playing outside in August and ended the month with a trip to Athens for tailgating!! The kids did great and loved running around the tailgates and eating yummy food!  We also loved having one last day at Lake Lanier with my parents to finish out the summer season!

Friday, August 1, 2014


We started July off with a trip to Isle of Palms, SC with our friends Josh and Jenny.  We had a great week at the beach, playing in the sand and doing lots of swimming!!  Hannah and Ethan both just loved Josh and Jenny and spending time with them!!!  Then a couple weeks later, we headed out to New Mexico for Matt's summer sales meeting at his company's headquarters.  It's amazing how different the scenery was from anywhere I had ever been!!!  The kids adjusted easily to the time change, and we had a great time!  It was wonderful to finally meet everyone that Matt works with, and to spend time in a new place.  Hannah had two pony rides and Ethan even got to sit on a pony for the first time!!!  His company does as "company wide picnic" every year, where they rent out a ranch and have activities for everyone.  This was probably the highlight of the trip.  The kids just played non stop and Ethan absolutely LOVES horses!!!  We also spent a little time in downtown Santa Fe which was very fun!  The end of the month was busy with Hannah's second round of swim lessons, a trip to Lake Lanier, and a visit from my mom and all 4 nieces for a couple days!  We loved it all, but were worn out after!!!!

Isle of Palms

New Mexico

Matthew's Cafeteria with sweet friends

Lake fun and time with the Clemmers

Ethan's first hair cut!

Fun with the Gofoths!