Monday, April 4, 2016

Charlie is 11 months!

How is my little baby an 11 month old?!  He is so sweet and finally has two top teeth!!!  He is busy exploring everything and loves to throw balls, put things inside of containers, and loves anything that makes noise.  He has really gotten into push toys and has become really sturdy walking behind them. He is cruising well around the furniture and if he tried, I think he could balance enough to stand. Charlie loves to crawl on playgrounds and loves to climb up stairs (yikes!).  He still very much loves his paci and continues to love food.  He is finally down to only 4 nursings a day, and at times they are really short if there is too much action.  Charlie has the best laugh and thinks his siblings are so funny!!  He loves to give kisses.  He is moving up into 12-18 month clothes, and really seems to be filling out finally!!  He has some chunky little legs and sweet chubby cheeks!  Now that the weather is getting warmer and more humid, his hair has proven to have quite the curl to it!  I love that I finally got a curly headed baby, but it's going to make it that much harder when time for the first haircut comes around!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Charlie is 10 months

10 months old!!!  Charlie has really transformed this month.  Of course, he is still a baby, but he suddenly doesn't seem so tiny.  He is pulling up to stand much better, and has begun to develop an opinion about what he wants and doesn't want. I first noticed it when he wanted something and Ethan kept taking it away, and he just screamed bloody murder and threw his head down on the ground.  Charlie loves finger foods and doesn't refuse anything that is given to him!  He officially stopped tolerating the exersaucer this past month so now we have to be much more careful what things the big kids have out because there is no containing him!!  He is still in his 9-12 month clothes but they are getting a little short on his torso.  We love this little guy to pieces!!!  He still only has the two bottom teeth but I think the top two are really trying to come through.  He continues to be a great sleeper and a great napper.  He will usually take two naps, but can "hang" with us through morning errands if he needs to, and then take  one long nap in the afternoon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 2016

February fun!  We enjoyed a visit from Grandaddy and Mama, a visit to the NC Aviation museum, many trips to the park, and a fun sledding day in Charlotte.  Hannah enjoyed her first Valentines Day at school and loved giving (and receiving) candy and valentines!  

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Charlie is 9 Months

Wow!  9 months old!!!  I can't believe Charlie is only 3 months away from being 1.  He continues to be such a delight!!  He weighs 17 lbs and 14 oz and is 28 inches long.  That puts him around the 25th percentile, which is awesome considering he was below the 10th at 6 months.  He LOVES to eat and eats 1/2 of an avocado every night (among other things) at dinner.  So he is definitely getting some good fat which is evident in his growth.  He has bumped up to eating 3 meals a day and he still nurses 5 times a day most days.  Occasionally a long nap will put him at only 4.  He naps 2x a day with an occasional catnap in the late afternoon, and he has continued to sleep all night long.  He loves his paci.  Just this month, Charlie started to love baths!!  He used to scream and scream, but now he splashes and just has the best time!!  Charlie still does the army crawl, and has really started to enjoy toys a lot.  He loves to throw balls and then crawl after them.  He also started trying to pull up to stand this past month.  It's pretty cute.  He gets up on his knees on a low basket and then slowly get up to his feet before promptly falling over.  Luckily he only tries on very short surfaces and we have not had any big tumbles yet!  Charlie adores Hannah and Ethan and laughs at them a lot!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016

January started with a bang with our final 2 days on the cruise ship.  It was so fun to be there, but i think we were all ready to be back on land!!!  The big kids had a fun weekend with Dad while Charlie and I went to visit my friend, Lauren and her little boy, Cooper.  We had so much in Jackson, MS and are so thankful that we were able to take a few days!  The big kids had a great time with Daddy.  They went hiking and to Discovery Place Kids and spent lots of time just hanging out.  Then it was my birthday. I love seeing the excitement of  birthdays through my kids eyes.  As I get older, and birthdays get less exciting, it's fun to see the thrill that even someone else's birthday is for little ones.  We also had a big snow and the kids were able to sled for the first time!