Thursday, April 4, 2013


It is so crazy that March is already over!!  Time just flies by so fast!  We now have about 2 months until we meet our new little baby.  I'm both excited and nervous about tackling a newborn again!  I look at Hannah and the stage she is in, and think....can we do this all over again?  But then, I am also so excited to have that sweet little baby nestled on my chest, to smell the smell of newborn again, and watch the amazing development that happens in the first year of life! I am also so excited to see Hannah as a big sister.  I think she will be great at it!  She loves her baby dolls and already loves giving kisses to my belly.

March was a fun month for us.  Hannah and I have had a couple playdates with new friends from church and I am very excited about growing relationships in this community with these ladies.  We've started sticking around for Sunday School which has also been good as it's helped us meet more people and get to know our pastor a little better.  Hannah has done awesome staying in the nursery too!  We've really spent the month getting settled and living life in a little more of a routine in our new house.  There is much to be done by way of decorating and furniture, but we are just taking it slow trying not to be in a hurry to have a perfectly put together house.

We started off the month with a visit from Grandmama and Granddaddy.  Hannah has started calling my mom "Baba" which is pretty cute.  We loved our time with them and showing them our new home and our new city.  Hannah had a blast showing off for them too!  In the middle of the month Hannah and I headed down to Atlanta for the weekend to see some of my sweet friends, one of which was in town from Jackson, MS.  While we were only able to see them for one evening, it was so fun to be able to spend some time with good friends who have known me forever!  We were able to laugh about old memories and catch up on everyone's "current lives" as well.  Hannah had a blast playing and being the center of attention!  The rest of that weekend was kind of cold and rainy so we had lots of time to play at Baba and Granddaddy's house!  On Saturday we enjoyed shish ka bobs with my parents, my brother, his wife, and her mom.  Hannah loved playing with Uncle Eric and Aunt Melissa!  It was so cute watching her.  Her favorite was when she and Eric were watching Wipe Out and when people crashed, she'd fall onto the chair.  Sunday we went to church and then met up with my sweet friend Beth who is expecting her daughter any day now!  It was wonderful to see her and we can't wait to meet little Sinclair!  The trip ended with a special visit from my friend Kristen.  She drove all the way to my parents house just to see Hannah and me.  I have some pretty great friends!!

The month ended with Easter and what a wonderful time that was!!!  We headed up to Asheville on Saturday to go to my niece Molly's 3rd birthday party.  Hannah had a blast and wanted to constantly be with Molly.  The party was fun and as always it was great to hang out with my sister, parents, and nieces.  We ended Saturday with pizza from Barley's and more fun playing with the Goforth cousins.  Since my parents were there, Matt, Hannah, and I stayed in a hotel down the hill from their house, but showed up bright and early for a little Easter breakfast and then on to church.  It was a wonderful service celebrating Jesus' Resurrection!!!  We then had a fun day filled with Uncle Michael's pulled pork, an easter egg hunt, and lots and lots of play time with cousins!  When we arrived home that evening, Hannah started crying when we pulled up to our house cause she wanted to "pay (play) and Molly's house".

These first three are Hannah dancing is the super cute new outfit that "Baba" brought.

Fun in Atlanta

Loving time with Lauren
Having a blast jumping onto the chair with Uncle Eric
Playing with Grandaddy

These next three are when Hannah gathered up LOTS of babies and sat in the computer chair.  I was trying to get her to smile, not much luck, but we got an overly exaggerated "cheese"

These next pictures are from Molly Ryan's super fun gymnastics birthday party!!!  

Happy Easter!