Friday, September 11, 2009


We have had lots of visitors in the last month. Matt's brother, Michael, came for a few days in mid August while on a road trip. We had a great time showing him some of the city and just hanging out with him. Then at the end of August, my friend from Atlanta, Ashley, came to visit! She is our first Atlanta friend to make the trek up north and we are so thankful she did! We toured her around Boston, and I took a day off of work to drive with her up to the beautiful coastal town of Rockport, MA. I love it when friends come visit and you can be completely relaxed and enjoy them! Then, Labor Day weekend we had our first St. Louis visitors (besides family)! One of Matt's best friend's and his wife (Josh and Jenny) came for the weekend. I think we squeezed just about as much of Boston as possible into this weekend trip! We ate at Legal Sea Food and an amazing restaurant in the North End. They toured Fenway Park (I was at work), and we did the Sam Adams Brewery Tour as well. On Saturday, we drove down to Newport, RI and had a great time walking around this picturesque village. There are also a whole bunch of mansions located in the town. We drove by them, and I truly was amazed at these homes!!! Most of them are historic mansions that rival in size to a few of the castles I saw in Ireland. On Sunday we did this really cool tour called Urban Interactive. It is an adventure that is basically like a scavenger hunt. You get an iphone and you run around the city finding clues and solving a mystery. It is a very fun and different way to tour an area of town. We showed them Harvard, Cambridge, and even made it over to the USS Constitution before they flew back to St. Louis on Monday. It was a great time, and we sure do appreciate them making the effort to come visit!

Enjoy all the pictures!