Wednesday, October 31, 2012


October was an exciting month in the Seiter household!  Matt got an offer from his company to take over the North Carolina territory! Although, it was very sad leave all of our Indianapolis friends, we couldn't be more thrilled at the opportunity to be in North Carolina!  We will be moving to Charlotte which is 2 hours away from my sister in Asheville, and 3.5 hours from my parents in Atlanta.  It is also a wonderful place because you are only a few hours from the ocean and even closer to the mountains!  It is amazing to reflect on all of the places Matt and I have lived, and now to think we are dragging our precious Hannah with us on our crazy adventure!  The best news of all is that Matt's company has made it clear that this will be home.....we are renting for 6 months and then buying a house!!!  We are so thrilled to finally be able to own a home and begin to put down roots!!

Hannah turned 16 months old this month.  We made the best of our last month in the Midwest with an outing to Connor Prairie among other things.  Connor Prairie is an interactive history park.  They have basically recreated a town set back in the Civil War times and everyone who works there is in character for the era.  Hannah loved seeing the animals and playing on train tracks.  It was a neat thing to experience and we were a little sad that we hadn't been there before!  We also took a weekend to go to St. Louis to spend time with Matt's family.  We had a wonderful time!!  It was Matt's 10 year high school reunion so Hannah got to spend some good time with Grandma and Grandpa while Matt and I went to reunion festivities!  We also met Aunt Julie, George, and his three kids at the pumpkin patch!  It was so different with Hannah this year!  We had a blast watching her run around and play on the pumpkins. 

At 16 months Hannah has only gotten better with her words.  She also knows where her eyes are, and usually gets her ears right too!  She can point to her mouth as well.  Hannah continues to be a great eater, and is just so full of personality.  She loves to laugh and make us laugh too!  She is just about too tall for all of her 18 month stuff and is moving into the 24 month and even some 2T clothes!  She hasn't really increased her words at this point but she definitely gets to talking and we are certain she knows what she is saying!  Hannah also LOVES to read books!  It is so precious to listen to her read!!!

We did not take Hannah trick or treating this year but dressed her up as the sweetest little fairy.  Moving day was November 1st so Halloween night we were living amongst boxes!!!  When we put Hannah's fairy costume on, she immediately started twirling around and around!  It was so adorable!!!  She really enjoyed watching the older kids that were dressed up come by the house, and we even made it out a little past her bedtime for a Halloween party.

At the end of the month, my sister had her fourth little girl!!!  I am so excited to have 4 sweet nieces, and this makes granddaughter number 5 for my parents!!!  We are thrilled to meet sweet Lauren Lucille Goforth soon!!!