Monday, March 2, 2009

A Long Winter

Hello all! I will post more pictures soon, I just wanted to update you all on our life over the past two months! Over MLK weekend in January, we made our first trip back to Atlanta. It was so great to see family and friends and for me to be home! My sister and nieces came too and we had a blast playing with them! We were also able to see many friends and were excited to get to spend time with Matt's sister Lauri and her family! We went skiing again in February with our friend Lindsey. She used to compete in downhill skiing and she took all morning to give me a private lesson. And I am proud to say that I can now ski down blues and have even begun to parallel a bit!!! On President's day we drove down to Plymouth and saw the infamous Plymouth Rock. I'll upload pictures later, but it is nowhere near what you have always imagined! It looks like a boulder one would put in their front yard for decoration, I'd like to go back again and go into the museum to learn a little bit more about it. But the town was really cute with some neat old buildings, and I ate some yummy friend shrimp for lunch! Other than that, things have been pretty uneventful, it has been very cold and we are really ready for some warmer weather!!! Both of our jobs are going well, and we are still happy to be where we are!