Saturday, January 5, 2013

18 Months

I cannot believe my little baby is 1.5 years old!!  She has definitely been growing up and turning into a little girl.  At her 18 month appointment, Hannah weighed 28 lbs (90 %), and was in the 92 % for height.  She is definitely growing like a weed and learning so much!  Over the past few weeks she has learned more and more words and sounds.  She can now say baby (bibee), and knows that there is a baby in my tummy.  She loves giving "mommy's baby" kisses!  She can make a few more animal sounds: dog, cow, and monkey.  She also has started saying yes (yayce) instead of just using signs to indicate her confirmation of a question.  She continues to be a very obedient little girl and follows commands very well.  Hannah is still wearing her 24 month and 2t clothes.  Hopefully at this stage, the growing has evened out and we can hang out with these sizes for a while!! She continues to be a great sleeper, and I think we are just about to make the transition to only 1 nap a day.  Hannah loves going to bed, and when she is tired sometimes she will just point to the stairs and say "more" with her sign language which is her way of telling me that she's ready for bed.  She has also recently stopped letting me finish our bedtime routine.  We usually read a book (Guess how much I love you), pray, and then I sing "On Jordan's Stormy Banks".  Lately she skips over half the book to the very last page, then waits patiently while I pray, then sits up, points to the crib, leans in to give me a kiss, and that's it.  Sometimes I have even asked her if she wants me to sing, and she promptly says no!  I wonder if she is just that tired or if my voice really is that bad!!!  Hannah has figured out how to buckle her self into her high chair, and anytime she sees a buckle, she wants to try to open and close it!  She has also learned how to turn her toys on and off!  Hannah's favorite toys these days are her babies, her stroller, books, puzzles and megablocks.  She has started playing hide and seek with daddy and it is so cute!!!  He will chase her and she will run into the kitchen.  He will then hide behind the counter and she laughs so hard when she finds him!!  She then runs the other direction and hides between the couch and ottoman.  It is so fun to hear her laughter!!!  She truly is a joy to parent, and a joy to be around.  We are so thankful for our little Hannah Page!!!