Friday, March 4, 2016

Charlie is 10 months

10 months old!!!  Charlie has really transformed this month.  Of course, he is still a baby, but he suddenly doesn't seem so tiny.  He is pulling up to stand much better, and has begun to develop an opinion about what he wants and doesn't want. I first noticed it when he wanted something and Ethan kept taking it away, and he just screamed bloody murder and threw his head down on the ground.  Charlie loves finger foods and doesn't refuse anything that is given to him!  He officially stopped tolerating the exersaucer this past month so now we have to be much more careful what things the big kids have out because there is no containing him!!  He is still in his 9-12 month clothes but they are getting a little short on his torso.  We love this little guy to pieces!!!  He still only has the two bottom teeth but I think the top two are really trying to come through.  He continues to be a great sleeper and a great napper.  He will usually take two naps, but can "hang" with us through morning errands if he needs to, and then take  one long nap in the afternoon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 2016

February fun!  We enjoyed a visit from Grandaddy and Mama, a visit to the NC Aviation museum, many trips to the park, and a fun sledding day in Charlotte.  Hannah enjoyed her first Valentines Day at school and loved giving (and receiving) candy and valentines!