Thursday, June 9, 2011

May Fun and The Waiting Game

May was a busy busy month for us. It was also a very fun month! We had an awesome visit with some friend's and their little one. Matt and Jarrett were good friends in college, and it has been such a joy for me to get to know him and his wife Jamie over the past few years. Their son Luca just turned a year old, and is super cute!! We enjoyed showing them Indianapolis and exploring new parts of the city for ourselves. We took them to the Indianapolis Museum of Art where they have several acres of garden space that is open to the public. It was a nice day to walk around. We also went to an air show. The pictures below are from the air show.

Cute Luca walking on the grass

The Blue Angels doing a fly by

Matt and I right before we left. The belly is definitely getting bigger!!!

Then Memorial Day weekend, Matt's parents came into town. We had a great couple of days with them! Matt and his dad went to the Indy 500 and they had a great time!! His mom and I also had a great day. We went shopping at the mall, got pedicures, and out to lunch!

And finally, we get to the last part of the post. I am 39 weeks pregnant as I write this, and I'm definitely feeling every bit of it!! I feel pretty good, but am just HUGE!!! I am often asked if I am due today and if I am having twins. But the baby is healthy and we are crossing our fingers that he or she will come sometime in the next week! The ultrasound I had today is estimated our little one at 9 lbs......generally these measurements are super inaccurate, but they are definitely thinking it's atleast 8 lbs already. So, by my calculations that means that this baby is cooked!!! I am so ready to meet him or her and hold him or her in my arms. The picture below is me at 38 weeks. Doesn't seem like too much room to grow!!!!