Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Turkeys, Trees, and a Yankee Swap?

We had a great Thanksgiving! We went over to our pastor's house, where there were roughly 25 people gathered to eat wonderful food and enjoy eachother's company. Unfortunately, I left my camera in my purse and did not take a single picture! :(

The Monday after Thanksgiving, we went to Home Depot and purchased our first Christmas tree! Isn't it beautiful and HUGE?

Ha! I am just kidding, the above Christmas tree is in Boston Commons and apparently the tree comes straight from Canada. It is a very pretty centerpiece right in front of the State House, and not too far away is an ice skating rink! Below is our actual Christmas Tree, and it is even more beautiful, in my opinion!

This is a view from our apartment on our first snow of the year. Apparently, this is a very light snow of about 3 inches......where I come from this is HUGE!! I guess I need to gear up and get ready for a few feet of snow later on this winter!

Now onto the Yankee Swap. We had a Christmas Party with our small group at church. We meet over at our pastor's house (The Rogers). Anyway, what I am used to calling a White Elephant gift exchange is called a Yankee Swap here! Below is Michelle Rogers and their 7 year old son Levi. He won the Axe Hair products that Matt and I brought, and I styled his hair using the Spike putty.

This is Matt showing that he is now the proud owner of YAHTZEE, and Dan (our pastor) is showing off his book of tattoos that he won from his 10 year old son.