Monday, May 21, 2012

Uncle Jon and Aunt Andrea!

 Matt's brother, Jonathan, got married just 2 days after Hannah turned 11 months.  We drove to St. Louis on Thursday for all the wedding festivities starting on Saturday.  We stayed with our friends, Josh and Jenny, who graciously offered (or accepted our request) to watch Hannah for both the rehearsal dinner and the reception!  We are so incredibly thankful for them!!!  On Friday, Matt played golf with his brothers and nephews while Hannah and I hung out at Grandma's house.  Hannah got some great time with her cousin Andrew.  He taught her how to stir and mash things in some pots that Grandma let her play with.  It was so cute to watch them play together.  Hannah just really loved Andrew!!!  Friday night we went to the rehearsal dinner and had a great time!  Hannah was not thrilled with me leaving her at Josh and Jenny's, but they eventually settled her down and got her to sleep.  Saturday Hannah joined me at the wedding.  She was so cute in her little dress (my niece Molly Ryan wore it to my brother's wedding), and was just hamming it up for the photographers and waving to everyone!  It was great to be able to introduce Hannah to family that we don't often get to see.  She did well for the wedding, but really wanted Daddy when she saw him walk down the aisle and stand at the front of the church.  Cheerios saved the day and distracted her enough to keep her mostly quiet through the ceremony.  It was a beautiful wedding and we could not be happier for Uncle Jon, and are excited to have Andrea officially in the family!!  I took Hannah back to Josh and Jenny's after the wedding, and left her again for the reception.  Luckily she only cried for a few minutes and they had a great evening with our sweet little one!  Matt and I had a wonderful time at the reception celebrating with the beautiful bride and groom!  Because of Hannah I really didn't take many pictures, but here are the few that I have!

Andrew and Hannah playing in the kitchen.  What an awesome cousin he is!!

A few pics from the wedding/reception

Hannah playing at Josh and Jenny's house before I left for the reception.  This is the first time she ever made it inside her toy box!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

11 Months Old

Hannah turned 11 months old and started consistently standing on her own the same day!  It is so cute to watch her stand and see the joy and pride on her little face!!!  This past month was a busy one with our trip down to Atlanta.  It seems like each month brings so many changes, it's hard to keep up with them all!!!  Hannah now pushes her walking toy around with ease.  She absolutely loves to be a big girl walking behind it!!  She just started going from a squatting position to a standing, and letting go consistently happened right around the same time (right at 11 months).  She started this month loving to put things in and take things out of just about anything.  Laundry baskets, diaper bag, purse, toy box...nothing is safe with this girl!!!  A mess follows where ever she goes, but it's so cute and she thinks she is pretty funny while doing it!!  She throws her stuffed animals out of her crib when she wakes up in the morning and from naps, and pulls all of the books off her bookshelf.  She has started to really enjoy looking at books.  She has very little patience for me to read them to her, but she LOVES to "read" them outloud to herself.  She picks up just about anything and holds it to her ear like a telephone.  If a phone rings, she will hold her hand up to ear.  It's like she is saying, "pick up the phone already mom!!!"  It's so cute to watch her learn.  Hannah is very good at waving.  She will wave to anyone and gets a very confused/offended look on her face when they do not notice her and wave back.  Often when people do see her and wave back, she turns her head and gets very bashful.  Hannah furrows her brow a lot.  I think it's an inquisitive little gesture and is often accompanied by little noises that sound like they end in a ?.  Hannah is eating like a champ.  She really loves most everything.  She has started to be willing to eat off a spoon again for certain things.  This is great to me because now she will eat yogurt again!  And if we are out to eat she will get less messy eating her hummus.  She definitely prefers to feed herself though.  I don't think we've introduced anything new this month, just continuing with more of the same.  She is still an awesome sleeper!  She has started staying awake while I nurse her at bedtime, and easily falls asleep on her own in her crib.  I'm very excited about this because I'm hoping this will help making the weaning process easier!!!  She still naps great as well.  Hannah is definitely growing like a weed!  Some of her 12 month clothes are getting a little short in the torso and she can now wear some 18 month stuff as well.  Again I don't know how big she is, but I would guess that she's definitely over 30 inches tall and nearing 24 lbs.  Enjoy the pictures from the past month!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trip to Atlanta

At the end of April, while Daddy was out of town with his brothers, Hannah and I drove down to Atlanta to spend the week with Grandmama, Grandaddy, and Hannah's Goforth cousins!  My sister and her husband were taking a long weekend trip to the beach, so my parents were keeping the 3 Goforth girls!  We had such a fun time with them!!!  Hannah loved her cousins and I'm pretty sure they loved her too!! We did a lot of exciting things.  We went to the Zoo, Stone Mountain Park, and Monkey Joe's!  Before the Goforth's got in town, Hannah and I even got to have breakfast with my good friend Emily and lunch with Aunt Lauri and cousins Elizabeth, Aaron, and Andrew!  It was a wonderful week!!

We did a cousin's photoshoot at Stone Mountain Park.  Here are a few of the pics!

A couple of shots from the Zoo

Just a few others from the week 

At The Flying Biscuit with the Pratts!