Saturday, July 4, 2015

Charlie is 2 months

At 2 months, Charlie is my smallest baby weighing 13 lbs 9 oz. that's one ounce less than Hannah and 3.5 lbs less than Ethan at that age!!! He is fitting just perfectly in his 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. In the last month, Charlie survived his first babysitter and bottle!! He is continuing to be a pretty good sleeper, waking twice at night with an occasional night of only once. He is still rolling from front to back and is really starting to hold his head up high during time. Charlie is super smiley and has started giggling and squealing too. He still naps mostly in the swing and still hates his car seat.  He will sleep in the ergo, and loves to stretch out on the floor.  He continues to hate the bouncy seat and cries every time I try to put him in it.  He is becoming more aware of Hannah and Ethan and it sweet to see him watching them.  Charlie spent his 2 month birthday at Myrtle Beach for the 4th of July and did great on the beach! (the pictures were a few days late!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


June is our busiest month of the year!!!  We have two birthdays and our anniversary to celebrate each June!  The month started with Ethan's birthday, then the next day Hannah had her very first ballet recital.  She absolutely loved being on stage and she was adorable doing her dances!  We definitely have a performer on our hands!!!  The next week, Matt had to be in Philadelphia for a weeklong class, so my mom came up to help with the kids.  We had so much fun with her and she was a huge help!!  The most fun thing we did while she was here was go to the "Meet the Princesses night at Chick-fil-a"!  Hannah was thrilled to ride in the real horse drawn carriage with Belle, and meet Cinderella (again, though she asked why she looked different than she did at Disney World), and for the first time, Aurora.  Ethan loved giving the princesses hugs!  Then that next weekend, we celebrated Hannah's birthday with the Goforths (minus the twins who were at camp), and had a super fun weekend with them!  In June, Hannah also went to her first week of VBS.  She had a blast, but Ethan missed her.  One day he said, "I want to go to park and learn Jesus".  We did a quick lake visit later in the month, and the month ended with Charlie's first babysitter and a yummy dinner out for mommy and daddy!!!