Saturday, March 17, 2012

9 Months Old

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!  This year, St. Patty's also marks Hannah's 9 month birthday.  We continue to be so in love with this precious girl as she grows and learns and changes!  She is such a big girl, and I feel has just changed leaps and bounds since last month.  She almost never army crawls anymore, and has gotten so fast in her real crawl.  She will often get up on her hands and feet and look around.  She learned how to pull up to a stand, and in just a couple weeks has gotten so much better at it!!  She can balance herself if only 1 hand is holding on!  She has also started learning how to walk while someone is holding her hands, but has not started "cruising" yet.  I keep discovering more and more things that she can now get into!  It seems that babyproofing is a job that's never done!!  She is VERY obedient though and will stop what she is doing if I tell her no.  She really really LOVES our end tables that are next to our couch, I have found her trying to climb on the little shelf that is on the bottom and she pushes them all around.  I have had to take breakable things off of them, because I know one of these days she will just knock it over when I am not looking.  Hannah's favorite toys are things that she can just hold in her hand.  She especially likes the light weight plastic balls that go in fisher prices toys, and some little gears that also go to a fisher price toy.  She no longer enjoys the exersaucer and just cries and cries when I put her in it.  I think she is just too busy to want to stay in one place!!!  Up until her loss of appetite a couple weeks ago, she continued to be a great eater.  She loved just about every new things she tried.  Including cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt.  She also had some ground beef and love love loves spaghetti!!!  That was a messy meal, but I was SHOCKED at how much she ate!  The past week - week in a half I've been lucky to get her to even take one bite of food.  We keep trying, but also realize that if her tummy hurts, some foods don't necessarily taste good.  She has eaten cheerios (not as many as before) and hummus (maybe 2 bites).  It has slowly gotten better, but for about a week, she was essentially back on a nursing only diet.  The doctor said that as long as she is nursing well and drinking water that I should not be concerned, but that I should also not stop putting solids in front of her.  Because of the sickness, her schedule has been a little off.  But she is generally still doing really well on the 4 hour schedule, and has really been taking good naps in the morning and afternoon.  In the past month, Hannah has gotten all 4 of her top front teeth!  They were all coming in at the same time and we had a few nights of waking up, but once they all came in, she was back to sleeping through again.  They are so cute as they grow in more and now you can kind of see a few of them when she smiles.  We went to the doctor on Friday and she weighed 20 lbs and was 29 1/4 inches tall.  I do think she lost a little bit of weight while being sick....but I have no idea what she weighed 2 weeks ago before all this started.  So as of right now, she has dropped to right around the 75% in weight and has continued to be at the 95% in height.  We have a tall skinny girl for sure!  Matt and I have been noticed that she seems to have slimmed down in the last week.  So hopefully she will beef up again!!  She says mama and dada and baba all of time!  Sometimes I think maybe she says mama purposefully, but I'm not sure.  For the most part I think she is just babbling.  She screams and grunts and chuckles.  It is so cute, while she is playing she'll just let out a little chuckle for no reason.  That's the best word I can describe, it's not really a laugh or a giggle.  She LOVES to be tickled and has also really started laughing while playing games with her.  She thinks it's really silly if I lay on the floor, put funny things on my head, or sit on the floor while she's on the couch.  She has also learned to put her hands over her head when you ask "How big is Hannah?".  It is amazing how much she seems to know already.  We have also been enjoying an early summer here with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s.  Hannah has loved being dressed in her spring/summer clothes and being outside more!

Hannah and her little friend Evangeline during the Kansas/Mizzou basketball game
Hannah showing off her crawling skills!
Sweet Baby
I'm all over the place!!!

The next few pictures are from a little photoshoot we did in February.  Hannah was such a ham, and was just the cutest little model!!!

These last are of her on her 9 month birthday!  Hannah truly is such a joy, as you can see in these pictures, so full of personality and laughs!  The last two she is doing "so big!"

On another note, we would like to ask for prayer for Matt's mom, whose Ovarian cancer has returned.  We have all been devastated to hear this news as we had been hopeful that it was gone for good, but amazed at her strength as she faces cancer once again.  She has begun chemotherapy, and we just pray that her body responds as well this time as it did the first time.  We also pray that she remains in good spirits, getting her hope and joy from the Lord.  We pray that we can be an encouragement to her and a help for her as she goes through this again.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Utah and the Bug

Matt had the opportunity at the end of last year to earn mega points with his travelling, and earned 3 free nights at ANY Hilton property in the world.  So, we decided to take advantage and booked a trip to the Waldorf Astoria in Park City, UT to do a little skiing.  It was an awesome trip and it added 1 new state to my list, and 2 new ones to Hannah's list with a layover in Colorado.  Hannah has now been to 12 states in her short 8.5 month life!  Our accommodations were outstanding as they upgraded us to a 1 bedroom apartment with 2 baths, a full kitchen, and washer/dryer!  It was a treat to stay a few nights in the lap of luxury (for free)!!   Hannah even got a pretty fancy port-a-crib to sleep in! Matt and I had a great time skiing!  We skied a total of 3 days, the first two at Deer Valley Resort, and the last at The Canyons.  Deer Valley was my favorite, but I think a lot of that was the fact that those were our best weather days!  It was really awesome to be skiing in 45-50 degree weather, when the last time I skied in New England it was around 9 degrees!  I think that I am getting better and more comfortable on the slopes, but I definitely still take my time on steep hills!  Hannah stayed at the day care facilities that they have at the bottom of the mountain, and did surprisingly well.  She had times of fussiness, but took great naps and ate well for the day care workers.  It was an awesome trip for our little family.

The downside to the daycare was that Hannah caught a little bug.  On our way home I noticed that her head felt pretty warm, so once we got home I took her temperature and she had a very slight fever.  I gave her tylenol, and then she seemed better for the next two days.  Then her appetite really nosedived and for the last week she has been VERY uninterested in food.  I even think she's lost a little weight.  But, she is still nursing fine, and some days has increased nursing.  So, we have experienced our first little fever and sickness with her. Luckily, she has continued to be her sweet, playful self for the most part!

Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few.

Our Luggage Cart when arriving to the airport!  What you can't see here is Hannah's umbrella stroller, a large back pack, a cooler bag, and you can only see part of the ski bag at the bottom.

These next few pictures are just some scenic pictures from our days at Deer Valley Resort

These next few are of Hannah and I on the Gondola ride from the slopes back to the hotel on our last day!  Hannah was soooo happy to be finished with daycare!!!