Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It really seems like we never slow down!!!  Because we were blessed to have Daddy home the whole month of July, he was travelling the first two of August.  Of course, we had him on the weekends, but it was still a hard adjustment for all of us!!  Hannah continues to be such a joy.  She remains an awesome sleeper and overall just such a good baby (toddler!!).  She has really gotten into reading books, and can be found sitting in her rocking chair or in her crib when she wakes in the morning, just reading to herself.  It is super cute to hear the noises she makes and the different inflections that she has already learned!  Still no real words yet, but boy when she does start, I don't think we'll be able to get her to stop!!!!

To start August off, we had a follow up appt with Hannah's pediatrician from her urinary tract infection.  Our ped suggested that we have Hannah tested for kidney reflux, which is often the cause of UTI's in infants.  Basically, with some kids the valve that releases urine into the bladder is underdeveloped and allows urine back up to the kidney's while the baby urinates.  When I was doing my internship in child life, I worked in radiology (where they do the test to check for this), and I was VERY nervous about having this for my daughter.  I also felt that she likely did not have reflux, and was dreading test day.  However, the most traumatic part of the day was the kidney ultrasound.  My poor baby was so sad to have to stay still, and it was so hard not to pick her up!!!  Then we went in for the reflux test, where they fill her bladder with liquid contrast while she's laying on the xray table, and then take pictures while she is going.  Surprisingly, aside from a few moments, Hannah did so well during this!  They also found that she does have a very mild case of reflux on her left side.  So next month we'll be off to the urologist to get some more information and see if she needs any sort of treatment.  Right now, we are giving her a mild low dose antibiotic to help prevent more infections, but our pediatrician does not suspect that the urologist will want her to continue with it.  The very good thing is that she will likely outgrow it!

The second weekend of August, Matt's parents came to town to go to the Indiana State Fair.  We had such a good time!  Hannah is getting to the age where I really think she recognizes people because she warmed up to Grandma and Grandpa right away! Hannah enjoyed people watching at the fair and running around in the grass.  She also had a blast taking walks down the street with Grandma.  A few houses down is an apple tree, and they are falling all over the yard and side walk.  Hannah loves going down there and picking one or two up!

Then we got ready for our big trip down south.  We headed to St. Augustine Florida for a week of fun in the sun with my side of the family.  It is always a blast to go there and spend time with my cousins and aunt and uncle.  It is also so fun to spend time with my parents, sister's family, and my brother and his wife.  We took two days to get down there with a stop off at the Pratt's for dinner on our way into Atlanta.  We had a blast swimming in their pool and Hannah absolutely loved seeing her cousins and their three dogs!!  This year was a little bittersweet because my Great Aunt Hermi passed away just a few weeks before we were down there.  I really missed going to visit her, and am sad that we were unable to make it to the Memorial service.  My Grandma's twin brother met her while serving in the military in Switzerland, she moved across the ocean and has been here ever since.  She was a hard working and very talented woman who was as stubborn as she was caring.  I have so many special memories of her, and am so thankful that a few years ago she made me a quilt, and just this past winter knitted Hannah a beautiful sweater and hat.  I will cherish these items forever.

The week at the beach was really awesome this year!  Hannah absolutely loved the sand...she rolled in it, stuck her face in it, stuck her head in it, ate it, etc.  She really was a sight to see!  She also loved the water, and the first day she just wanted to run full force into it!  By the second day she was a little more timid with the waves (for which we were thankful), and then started warming up to it again by the end of the week, but with a continued sense of timidity that kept her from going too far!  Hannah loved playing with her cousins, Caroline, Abby, and Molly.  It was so cute to watch her laugh and "talk" to them.  We also had a great time hanging out with the extended family; going to dinner in the evenings or just staying around at the condo.  Hannah loved giving everyone kisses at the end of the night!

Now we are back home and ready for September and football season to get underway!!!

Enjoy the pics!

Fun with Grandpa at the Fair

All of the following pictures are from our awesome trip to St. Augustine Beach!!

Love this of Molly throwing the ball in the air!!!

Proof that she actually ate the sand!!

All tuckered out!

Friday, August 3, 2012


July has been a busy month!  Two weeks after Hannah turned one we discovered that she had a urinary tract infection.  She had been having fevers and just wasn't getting any better.  Our poor baby was miserable and was not acting like her happy self!  She even stopped her progress in walking.  We were very worried about her, but very relieved to find out that it was an infection that was very treatable!!  Once better from that, we had one week before heading down to Atlanta, where my mom was going to keep Hannah while Matt and I went to Washington D.C. on his work trip.  We completely stopped nursing that week and Hannah did great!  She still will not drink much milk, but really has not skipped a beat in the weaning process.  We left Indianapolis on Friday and spent the night in Nashville.  Our dear friends the Radbills had us over for dinner.  It was wonderful to catch up with them and spend time with their sweet family. Then we were able to get lunch with Chris Bowen and his baby Phoebe on our way down to Atlanta on Saturday.  Matt and I left a crying Hannah on Sunday morning, but were happy to hear that she perked right up!!!  Hannah had an awesome time with Grandmama and Grandaddy!   My sister and nieces came down too, so Hannah was busy busy playing with her cousins!  Matt and I had a good time in D.C.  He was in meetings most of the time, but we had great dinners together and an afternoon to spend sightseeing.  One day I went into the city and caught up with my best friend from high school.  As this trip was our first time away from Hannah, it was very strange for me.  As I went to meet my friend, I had a little bit of time to kill, so I walked around an art museum.  It was the strangest feeling being completely alone, not having a little one to keep up with or feeling the need to rush home to her.  It was a fun trip and nice to have some time alone, but I definitely missed my little sidekick!!!

Hannah was so funny when we got home.  She looked at me, and then kept playing patty-cake with Grandmama.  Then she looked at me again, started to smile, but appeared very unsure if I was really there!  She finally came to me, and then kept touching my face and smiling.  It was adorable!!!  We spent the remainder of the week/weekend at my parent's lake house at Lake Lanier.  It was so fun!!!  Hannah had a great time riding on the boat, but was not too exciting about swimming in the lake.  I think being around my nieces was a good influence on Hannah because she started walking like a pro while we were gone!!  And she has not stopped yet!!!!  She is definitely on the move and not slowing down anytime soon!!!  Hannah also learned how to bark like a dog.  Everytime she sees a dog (or any brown animal in books), she makes the cutest doggy sound.  She is just full of personality and is so talkative!!!  When we got home, we only had about a week and a half of July left!!!  We went to the pool one day, and Hannah LOVED all of the fountains.  We had our friends Josh and Jenny in town for a weekend, and then it was already August!

Time is just flying by, but we are having a blast with our baby girl!!!

Hannah's First Ride on a Carousel!  She wasn't quite brave enough to get on an animal, so we are sitting on a bench.

Hannah's friend Jay came by for a quick visit (The Smith's moved in June, and we miss them bunches!!)

Hannah and Jack Radbill....I think this is way past BOTH of their bedtimes!!  

Matt and his bro at the WWII monument in D.C.

Hannah all tuckered out with Grandaddy while we were away.

Our big girl playing in Grandmama's kitchen again while we were away

Loving the boat!

Sleepy on the boat

We stopped in Nashville on our way back home to see Gail and Maggie who were visiting Gail's parents!

Precious Maggie

I think Hannah looks like such a big girl here!!  We were out to lunch with Josh and Jenny before the Tim/Kenny concert.