Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grandma and Grandaddy come to visit!

We had an awesome visit with the Branen grandparents this past weekend.  They flew in on Saturday and left Tuesday evening.  Hannah loved hanging out with her grandparents.  That first day, she just stared and stared at them!  I always love having my mom and dad around, and it was so wonderful for me to spend time with my parents!  We spent most of the day Saturday watching sports and just hanging out.  Hannah showed off her skills of rolling over!  On Sunday we went to church and then up to a Pumpkin Patch!  It was the first time I had ever seen actual pumpkins growing, and Grandaddy found the PERFECT pumpkin!!  It was a pretty sunny day and we never really could get Hannah to smile at the camera, but atleast she wasn't crying!!  We picked some apples too!

Daddy helping Hannah reach some apples!
Not sure what I think about the pumpkin patch
Just chewing on my fingers
Our awesome pumpkin!!
Monday was Grandaddy's birthday, so we took him to dinner at the Weber Grill.  It is an awesome restaurant that cooks your food on actual weber charcoal grills!!  We all enjoyed awesome steaks!!  During the day we explored Indy a little bit by eating lunch at City Market and strolling along the canal.  Hannah was a bit fussy on Tuesday before they left, but we still had a good time out to lunch!

Hannah with Grandma and Grandaddy!
A cute one of Hannah and Grandaddy.  We actually got a smile!
Just hanging out on the trunk of a Wooly Mammoth
Hannah up on the tusks!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Look who found her feet!!!

I love using my cousin's play mat!  Thanks Goforths!
I also LOVE chewing on my hands! 

Here I am around my 3 month birthday, the shirt is a little big, but I'm close to being able to wear 6-9 month clothes!

Here I am with a BIG smile on my face.  It must be the awesome sweatsuit from Josh and Jenny and the super cool sneakers from John, Ali, and Mackenzie!
Each new development is so fun to watch!!!  Anytime Hannah is laying down, she grabs her feet.  It is super you can see!  She still doesn't regularly roll over, and still doesn't nap very well.....but there have been some better days of napping than last time I wrote.  Also, I never wrote about her 3 month stats!  At 3 months Hannah was 25" long and weighed 15lbs 12oz.  She has gained exactly 6 lbs since birth!!  Her 4 month check is coming in just a couple weeks so stay tuned!!