Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Charlie is 3 months

At 3 months Charlie is consistently sleeping through the night.  We moved him up to his own room and he is in the big crib!  He has started to be able to scoot a little while on his back or tummy, and got himself wedged a few times in the bassinet.  He smiles, laughs, and has started to get ticklish!!!  He still basically naps in the swing, but we are trying to work on crib naps more.  He has started to enjoy the stroller more and loves to watch his big sister and big brother.  He is still a super relaxed baby and will go to anyone.  He still takes a paci, and the only times he cries are when he is hungry or sleepy.  He weighs 14lb 5oz and still fits well in his 3-6 month clothes.  He has started wearing some 6-9 month clothes too, but they are a little big.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


July was a fun summer month for us!  We started the month off with a few days in Myrtle Beach to celebrate the 4th.  The kids loved the beach, the pool and especially the water park!  We had a blast, and everyone but Ethan enjoyed the fireworks.  The rest of the month included art camp for Hannah at a friend's house, a fun weekend in Asheville with cousins, dinner out with Uncle Elmer and Aunt Mary, a pony ride, and lots of fun hanging out around home.