Monday, August 5, 2013

Ethan is 2 months old

It's hard to believe that Ethan is two months old already!!!  He is a big boy weighing 17lbs even and is 25.5 inches tall.  He already in 6-9 month clothes!!!  His sleeping has gotten better and most nights he will wake twice with the occasional blessing of only once!!  He is still basically napping in the swing, but will take some naps in his bed.  I have not quite figured out how to dedicate the time to get him napping in his bed with a 2 year old running around.  Speaking of the 2 year old, Ethan is mesmerized by his big sister! If she enters the room or he hears her voice, his face just lights up!!!  It is so precious to watch and makes me so excited to see their relationship grow and develop!  He is a super smiley baby, and loves to laugh.  He is actually SO happy that it's hard to tell when he is getting tired....which might be part of our napping problem.  He was stay happily awake for way longer than the "experts" recommend, and then if he gets really tired, he gets fussy and then has a hard time settling down.  He is starting to roll up on his side from his back and I expect rolling over to happen very soon!  He continues to be an awesome eater (as evidenced by his weight!).  He eats about every 3 hours with an occasional longer stretch.  Ethan has really found his voice this past month too.  He coos and "talks" talks all the time.  I love listening to little baby noises!  He has started to enjoy tummy time a little bit more, and can get his little chest up off the floor.  He tends to spit up a lot when he is on his tummy though!  He has also started really liking to look in mirrors.  It is so cute when he catches his reflection and starts to smile.  Ethan is such a precious edition to our family and every day brings us more and more joy!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


July was a fun and busy month!  As you've already read, we started off with a few days in Myrtle Beach.  The middle of the month was spent at home and around Charlotte.  The kids and I have done a few play dates and we've just enjoyed being home and playing with our two kiddos!  Then the end of the month rounded out with a few days in Asheville for the kids and me, and a trip to St. Louis to visit Matt's family.  Asheville was super fun!  Hannah absolutely LOVES her cousins and she and Molly Ryan played so well together.  They slept in the same room (with NO issues!!), and had a blast at the pool.  Abby and Caroline were awesome helpers with both Hannah and Ethan.  And baby Lauren is as cute and sweet as ever!!  It was also so fun for me to get to hang out with my big sister!!

St. Louis was also a ton of fun!  It was a lowkey, "for no real reason" trip.  The kids did amazingly well on the airplane, and the only issue was that Hannah did not want to walk through the airport, so while Ethan was in the carseat/stroller, Hannah spent some time on my back in the Ergo carrier.  I'm sure we were a sight to see!!!  In St Louis we were finally able to meet our niece Emily and introduce Ethan to most of the Seiter clan.  Ethan was super happy and easy going, loving being held by everyone and never stingy on giving out smiles!  Hannah was a blast and so adorable talking to everyone and showing off her love of country music!  Her teenage cousins were super impressed with her knowledge of the current country music songs, and her ability to sing along.  Hannah did great sleeping in a twin bed all by herself!  We had no issues with getting out of bed at all!  Overall it was a great month, and we are excited to continue our summer in August and September with two more trips to the beach!!!

St Louis