Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Newborn Pics

I had schedule a photographer to come out to our house soon after Ethan was born, and to my surprise, the hospital also takes newborn pictures the day after your baby is born!!  It worked out really well because Ethan ended up being awake for most of the pics at our house, so we still got some super sleepy newborn pics from the hospital!  There are also a few of just Hannah...I guess her 2 year pictures.  She certainly is full of personality!!!  The first set of photos are from the hospital courtesy of Bella Baby Photography. And the second set are courtesy of Feather Photography.

Here begins the pictures from Kristy Featherstone of Feather Photography

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Fourth of July

Rainy weather was supposed to hit the south east over the 4th of July week, but it was all going to miss Myrtle Beach.  So, Matt had some hotel points to burn and we decided to hit the coast!!  It was pretty crazy going to the beach with a 4 week old, but we had a great time!  I think it was really good for Hannah to get out of the house and run around and do tons of fun things!  I think she's been feeling a little cooped up since Ethan came along.  Ethan loved sleeping in his stroller on the beach and Hannah loved the water and the sand!  We stayed in a condo on the grounds of a Hilton resort property and so there were tons of pools and this really cool splash park.  We had alot of fun and Hannah loved the fireworks!!
Ethan's first time on the beach....he loved sleeping in his stroller listening to the waves.

Hannah LOVED the sand and the water.

 Hannah was a little cranky and would not smile for a picture, but my camera has a screen that can turn around so you can see yourself for a self photo.  Hannah thought this was SO funny and that gave us the opportunity for some smiley pictures!!!

This was the only picture I could get of her fourth of July outfit.  She got LOTS of awws as we walked  around.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Ethan is 1 month old

Time really does fly by, and although it's impossible to believe that only a short month ago this big was in my belly, it also seems impossible that a month has already passed.  Ethan really is a big boy!  At his one month appt he was 24 inches long (2 inches longer than at birth) and 13 lbs 14 oz (3 lbs and 1 oz bigger than at birth)!!  He is above the 95% in both height and weight.  He is already in 3-6 month clothes.  He is a very happy baby, and we are starting to get lots and lots of smiles. He will occasionally make little cooing sounds that are oh so sweet!  At this point, our boy is NOT a snuggler....though neither was Hannah.  He really fights sleep, but his favorite napping spot is the swing.  For the first two weeks, once asleep we could lay him down just about anywhere, but that trend has not continued.  He really just likes to be in the swing or the carseat for naps.  Though we do attempt to put him in his bed for some of his naps.  He is a great eater (obviously :) ).  Unlike Hannah, he has not proven to be a good nighttime sleeper.  Most of the time he gives us about 3 hours when we first put him down, and then he wants to eat about every 2 hours.  It is certainly exhausting!!!  Luckily though he does sleep between those feedings so I don't think it's a day/night confusion thing.  He is just a really sleepy eater so I guess he doesn't eat quite as much as he should in the one feeding.  He is very strong and can hold his head up very well while sitting up (supported of course) and while doing tummy time.  He does not love tummy time, but will tolerate it for short periods.  He loves his big sister and enjoys watching her dance and listening to her read to him.

Hannah has really done great.  She really loves her baby brother and gives him lots and lots of kisses.  She is very concerned when he is sad, and always wants to know where he is and what he is doing.We are adjusting well to life as a family of four!!

This was on Ethan's 1 month birthday

His "official" 1 month picture a few days late.

Hannah wanted to get in on the action.

She loved the sticker!

A BIG smile from our happy boy!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


June is a busy busy month for the Seiter family.  As you already know, our sweet son, Ethan, was born on June 5th. So those first 4 days of June we were high on alert waiting for his arrival.  On the day he was born, my parents came up and stayed for almost a week, then about a week later, Matt's parents arrived.  We also had my sister and her 4 girls come for a quick one night visit the Friday after Ethan was born. So we had lots of visitors for that first half of the month.  And loved having them here!!  Then during the Seiter's visit it was Hannah's birthday on the 17th.  So that was a lot of fun and she loved her cake and ice cream and presents.  It was fun this year because she is really starting to understand presents and what birthdays are all about.  Then on the 28th was our 5th wedding anniversary!!!  While Matt's parents were in town, they watched the kiddos so we could enjoy dinner together.  It was very fun to get out of the house even for just a couple of hours.  Luckily Ethan slept the whole time, and Hannah did great soaking up the attention!!!  Other than those 3 milestones, this year June was pretty low key just getting to know our boy, and settling into life with 2 kids!

1. Hannah and her sweet friend while we were at the hospital having Ethan!
2. Loving holding the new baby with Mama
3. I think she's a little bit overwhelmed
4. Sweet boy ready to go home.
5. We are headed out the door!
6. So happy to have us all home!  
7. Daddy and his two babies
8. Abby and Caroline love their new cousin
9. All 6 of the Branen Grandchildren
10. Now if only he slept this well at night :)
11. Such a handsome little guy
12. So tired!
13. Snug as a bug
14. A Papa and his grandson
15. Grandma Margie doing a great job with both kids!!!
16. Hannah loves reading with her Papa
17. Chilling with Grandma Margie
18. Sweet siblings
19. First bath and not quite sure what to think
20. Standing with her new water table birthday present!
21. He is very alert!
22. One of the first few smiles :)
23. Cool chick in her cozy coupe
24. So strong already holding that head up at just a few weeks old.
25. Hannah was thrilled to have Ethan sit by her in the rocking chair!
26. Reading by the window
27. Our beautiful girl
28. Our friends, The Bowens, moved to town!  This is their 3.5 month old with our 2 week old!!
29. Hannah and the Bowen's other daughter who is about 6 weeks younger than Hannah.
30. Hannah did swim lessons this year and did great in the water!!
31. Enjoying a summer treat!
32. Hannah loves walking around in Mommy's shoes....she calls these tall shoes.
33. Smiles are getting bigger and more intentional!
34. She continues to love holding him!