Sunday, September 30, 2012


Man!  I've definitely gotten behind in the blog.  We've been busy busy!!!

September was a super fun month for us!  Hannah turned 15 months old in the middle of September, and that is just amazing to me!!!  She started saying a few words like "ha" (hot),  "noh" (nose), and "nanana" (no).  She has gotten very good at pointing to her nose and finding her belly button.  Hannah also loves to color! It is amazing how long she will sit in her chair and color.  I think she sat there for around 15 minutes one day, just coloring away!  She uses both hands, but has it figured out to turn the crayons the right way!

At the beginning of September, we took a trip to St. Louis and then Columbia, MO to watch the Dawgs and the Tigers play.  Hannah had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa in St. Louis while Matt and I went to the game.  The Pratts were all there too, and we even happened to see some of my college friends!  It was the first year that these two teams played eachother, and I fear it's a long family rivalry in the making.  I'm glad Georgia pulled it out in the end though!!

We also made a trip to Atlanta in late September.  Hannah and I left before Matt and spent a couple days in Asheville, NC visiting with the Goforths!!  We had a blast!  Hannah and I got to watch Abby and Caroline in their dance class, and we got to Molly get her very first haircut!!  One morning we all went to the Sky Top Apple Orchard.  It was super fun picking apples, climbing trees, and going on a hay ride!  Hannah loved riding with Molly in the wagon, and I got a workout pulling them around!!!  All three Goforth girls came with me back to Atlanta, and we had a fun time at my parents house!  It was busy for sure, but Hannah just absolutely LOVES her cousins!!!  We had fun doing gymnastics in the front yard, eating at Frontera (where Hannah practically drank the salsa!!), and just hanging out.  I'm blessed to have such sweet nieces and cousins for Hannah.  Matt met us at my parents on Friday and then Saturday we went to Athens to see the Dawgs in action again!  Grandmama took all four grandgirls to Cleveland, TN to meet Aunt Catherine at Cabbage Patch's "Babyland General".  The only thing that went wrong for the weekend was when my dad was bitten by a baby Copperhead snake on Friday night.  Thankfully he is okay, but he had to spend 2 nights in the hospital and missed a fun day with us in Athens.

Hannah had a check up this month and everything is going well!  She is still growing like a weed!  She was over the 95th percentile in height and dropped a little bit to the 75th in weight.  She's still wearing 18 month clothes but can also fit into some 24 month stuff.

September really flew by for us!  We are enjoying our sweet baby girl so much!!