Tuesday, May 10, 2011

34 weeks and counting

Last friday I was at 34 weeks, which means less than 6 weeks till the due date! It is really crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone by. But at the same time, I am beginning to understand why people say that the last couple months creep along. Sleeping has become increasingly harder, which is probably the design to get me ready for baby's eating schedule once he/she arrives, and the number of little aches and discomforts has continued to rise. Overall, I feel great, but daily tasks are getting harder and even resting or being lazy is harder! I am getting ready and excited to meet this little one and know if it is a he or a she! Either way we will be thrilled! In April, "nesting" definitely set in. I was out running errands and putting furniture together and trying to find a home for everything in our house! The house still has some work to go, but I may take some pictures later in the week for you all to see. But, the nursery is as ready as it's going to be prior to knowing if it will be the home of a little boy or a little girl. April also brought Easter! We had a great time celebrating Jesus' sacrifice for our sake with Matt's family in St. Louis. Everyone was in town because it was also the weekend we had a college graduation party for Matt's younger brother Michael. It was so fun to see everyone in the family and also see some of Matt's extended family and family friends that we don't see very often. There were a few people that I got to meet for the first time! Enjoy the pictures!!!

33 weeks, this shirt sure is getting stretched now!

Matt and I on Easter Sunday

Elizabeth, Margie, me, and Lauri in our Easter best!

The nursery!

The crib

Our changing table