Monday, April 6, 2009

Lots of Pictures!

Sorry for the lack of posting! I had lost my computer cord for my camera, and then had left it at work, but I have it now! The following pictures start in January and go through St. Patrick's Day. We've had several fun adventures! The weather here is beginning to average in the 50s, so that is good, although so far April has been a bit rainy. We are very very very ready for real Springtime weather! Our first non-family visitor is coming this Thursday!!! We are so excited that Lauren is coming to Boston and I will be sure to update the blog after her visit!!

The following are from the Children's Museum in Atlanta. We took my nieces Abby and Caroline there when we were home back in January.

The next couple of pictures are when Matt and I went to the Boston Opera House to see Dirty Dancing! It was a very fun evening and the Opera Hosue was gorgeous!

One day, we decided to drive down to Plymouth, MA, to see the ever so famous rock. Well t his is it! You can't actually get down next to it, so this is taken from above, but it's probably only about 2-3 feet wide. Not quite the vision you get from the movie Pocahontas! I always pictured it being a HUGE outcropping jutting into the ocean, oh well.

The rock is inside that little pavilion, it was a beautiful day, although very chilly!

This is a very old church or maybe the courthouse in the cute colonial town of Plymouth.

We drove along the coast for a little while away from Plymouth and stopped here to turn around, but I couldn't resist the beautiful ocean scene!

Last but not least, this is St. Patricks Day (actually the Sunday before) in Southie (or South Boston). It is a very historically (and currently) Irish neighborhood, where they do a huge parade every year. The street was just lined with people dressed in green!